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It’s Sunday and I thought it would be nice to start our first Wealth Carnival at Grow a Million Dollar Business!

I was surfing the net for some great content and found several articles to share.  They are:

You Gotta Have Content on the Wealth Together Blog with Melodieanne Whitney

Conspiracies, Copywriting (and are you ‘Cool’ enough?)… on the Word Wealth Blog with Troy White

Money is the #1 Issue to Discuss Before Saying “I do” on the Wallet Pop Blog with Barbara Bartlein

Is the Media Making our Economy and Stock Market Look Worse? at Money Managers Live With Dave Young

Splurging Is Good for Your Health at the Wall Street Journal Blog

How they made it: Thinking in millions, Marc Boyan, multi millioniare interview by City Wealth Magazine

The Best Time to Pay Bills – On Time or Early? At Saving Advice with Shannon Christman

10 Things Your Bank Won’t Tell You on the Smart Money Blog with Jim Rendon

Is doing good compatible with making money? It is if you practise spiritual capitalism at Ode Magazine with Carlene Hawn


And finally, when you are finished reading this great wealth-building advice,  take this fun little QUIZ  What Type of Billionaire Are You?




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