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Nicki Keohohou, founder of the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance was a guest expert during the Grow a Million Dollar Business Summit. Nicki had dozens of great resources, tips and stories to share with our listeners.

Nicki talked about how to build a direct selling empire virtually using the following:

Blogs and virtual parties ~ how to host and where to start

Virtual Rallys ~ what they are and how to plan and execute one

Teleseminars and Webinars ~ host these as information diseminating, share stories of team members, answer questions your team members have, etc.

All of these reinforce the product or service and the lifestyle opportunities direct sales companies offer while building communities among team members.

In addition to these tips and defining the various types of direct selling business models, Nicki also talked about creative ways to buid your direct sales business offline, tips for recruiting team members (downline), things to consider when embarking on a direct sales business, and many resources to gather more information about Direct sales.

If you missed Nicki’s session or any of our 15 EXPERTS, you can still REGISTER and get access to the audio programs (all 12+ hours), the 84 page workbook, all the bonuses mentioned AND invitations to all post summit sessions including Marilyn Jenett (How to Attract Million Dollar Clients) , Rick Frishman (How to Get Million Dollar Publicity) and Kathleen Connell (Author of Moving Up to Millions) and a few surprises! 

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And remember we have a 100% money back guarantee on this program. If you are not satisfied, we will return your investment

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