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WE Magazine for Women just posted the Grow a Million Dollar Business Poll.”  Check out the questions listed:



My business is a million dollar business and I want to grow it bigger


My business is not a million dollar business yet


I would like to learn how to Grow a Million dollar business


I want to learn about investments such as stocks/bonds, etc.


I want to know more about Angel Investors and Venture Capital


I want to know more about investing in Real Estate


I want to know how to make money online


I want to know about alternative investment strategies


I want to know how to keep my head above water financially


I have an idea for a million dollar business and not sure where to begin


I am looking for a mentor for my business/idea


I work full time and run a part time business on the side


I want to leave my job and turn my part time business into a full time enterprise


I am ready to start a business now!


We would value your intput and hope you will take time to stop by and take the poll. You can find it here: http://wemagazineforwomen.com/past-issues/


Results will be published in Mid-September.

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