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Time for another Wealth Building Carnival.  Here are 8 more articles that can help you on your road to riches. Click on the title to read the full article.

How to Work Full Time – Part Time … and Love Every Minute by Chris King
It is believed by career forecasters that before long people who work one full-time job will be in the minority. As management guru Peter Drucker puts it, “Corporations once built to last like pyramids are now more like tents – You can’t design your life around a temporary structure.” 

10 Tips for Making Good Decisions… Without Stressing Out! By Mitch Axelrod
There is no manual for this most vital life skill. Unfortunately, most of us learn decision-making by trial and error. As Aristotle said, “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” We learn to make decisions by the act of making decisions.

How To Recruit 500 New Affiliates With Very Little Work by Willie Crawford
If you run an affiliate program, but are struggling to get it off the ground, you can change that. You only really need a few dedicated affiliates to start making sales, and after that the affiliate program can actually grow itself automatically.

Is It Time to Reconsider Your Fees? by Chris King 
One of the most important questions you’ll face as a freelancer or consultant is how much to charge for your work. Too high, and you could price yourself out of business; too low, and you’ll be cheating yourself.

Membership Websites that Make $100,000 or More Every Month! by Ruth Kuttler
Besides selling products through eCommerce solutions (which can be highly effective and profitable), you can create extraordinary money making websites – these online money making applications can easily make you a six-figure income every month! The two eCommerce automated systems are membership/directory websites and eLearning websites.  

Attracting Wealth: Ways To Do It by Thomas Turner 
A lot of people want to ask how to money. There are several ways to create or attract wealth. However, a straightforward way to achieve this goal is to utilize and develop all your inherent talents to make money.

Fishing for Wealth – Developing Multiple Income Streams by Luanna Rodham It’s summer time, a perfect time to spend your free moments fishing. Speaking of fishing, have you thought about how you can fish for wealth? Do you have multiple streams of income with your business–or just the one? You’ve found your niche, and you want to stay true to it, but is it wise to keep fishing in the same spot every time?

Venture Capitalists – Cash For Shares By Helen Cox  Venture Capital is a type of private equity that works on the basis of cash being invested into businesses in exchange for a share of a business. Venture Capitalists don’t however just offer their skills to a business; they also provide managerial and technical expertise.

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