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Here are five more articles on building and maintaining wealth, growing a million dollar business and the keys to retirement.  Happy reading!

Corporate Women No Longer Have To Put Up With Unequal Treatment on the About Affiliate Marketing Blog ~ Ladies, so you have sacrificed, worked hard, took a lot of crap from the men, got the corporate Head Quarters only to find out that the good ole boy network is alive and well. Now you feel trapped, Read on as you have options.How does it feel to make someone else rich? Do you realize that you are working probably close to 10% of your true value / worth? Don’t spend 30 years in Corporate America just to find out that you will be replaced 2 weeks prior to your retirement and forgotten within 1 to 6 months. The Corporate model is for followers. If you are a leader there are far better options. Read the full article at http://aboutaffiliatemarketing.com/blog/?p=241

Financial Advice for Women: A Woman’s World of Money by AL Jacobs ~ In this article, Mr Frankel reviews Lois Frankel’s book Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich: 75 Avoidable Mistakes Women Make with Money.  He states “Dr. Frankel demonstrates her sound understanding of both economics and the feminine approach to wealth.” Read the rest of his article here: http://www.momscape.com/articles/jacobs-women.htm

Attracting Money into your Feng Shui Home by San Dan Yi ~ This article will discuss how to utilize two Feng Shui cures that will help attract more money into your Feng Shui home and, simultaneously, slow down the amount of money that is flowing out of your Feng Shui home.  In order to achieve this goal, we will take a look at two well known Feng Shui symbols: The Feng Shui frog and the Feng Shui turtle. These symbols have to do with Feng Shui wealth and are associated with the Feng Shui money aspect of your living environment. The article can be found at: http://www.ideamarketers.com/?articleid=389683&CFID=20680757&CFTOKEN=62629238

How Credit Scores Affect Your Future by Tracia Graham ~ Twenty-two years ago, I remember as a young adult going to my bank manager to arrange my first car loan. This was the first time I had ever borrowed money….  He approved my loan based on the fact that I handled my checking account responsibly and had a full time job. Not only did he agree to help me finance my first car but he also acted as a mentor in the buying process. For your reading pleasure: http://www.thefinancialwellnesscoach.com/?m=3&s=132

Wealth creation and investing is scientific and easy. Nobody need be poor. Financial independence is available for all who desire it and are willing to work By Cody Butler Good, intelligent investing is without doubt the fastest way to achieve financial independence. Wealth creation is something that we all should take a very serious interest in. Think about what financial freedom can do for you. Eliminate the need of money and the majority of stress has gone, our health improves as a result, we have more time, we have the means to enjoy that free time as we choose, our relationships become easier and so on. Cody’s article is here: http://www.dream-life-coaching.com/investing.html

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Check out these great articles on a variety of topics relating to building wealth, growing a million dollar business and more!

The Phases of Business Building by Maria Torres-Kitamura and Shara Enay
Women entrepreneurs are thriving in Hawaii. According to the Center for Women’s Business Research, the state ranks third nationally for growth of women-owned businesses from 1997 to 2006. But, as any entrepreneur knows, creating a business is just the beginning. Each phase – starting out, building up and giving back – has particular challenges. Read the rest at: http://www.hawaiibusiness.com/Hawaii-Business/July-2008/The-Phases-of-Business-Building/index.php?cp=1&si=0#artanc

Befriending the Spirit of Money: The Top Ten Laws by Mahalene Louis
Money is energy. Money is an exchange. Money makes the world go round. Money, Money, Money, Money! Money is possibly the most powerful metaphor of our planet. How do you feel when you are free? Receive the keys to wealth, and discover the soulful laws where money becomes an auspicious bird that cannot wait to perch on your shoulder to bless you, again, and again! Read on: http://ezinearticles.com/?Befriending-The-Spirit-Of-Money:-The-Top-Ten-Laws&id=165097

Inside the Mind of Million Dollar Business Ideas by Darrell Zahorsky
Million dollar business ideas have no boundaries, age limits, race restrictions, time lines, or economic class. They can occur when you least expect them. … It’s a flash of quick insight leading to an obvious answer, the proverbial light bulb moment, or eureka event. When it happens, your life will never be the same. Here’s the rest of the article: http://sbinformation.about.com/od/bizopportunities/a/milliondollar.htm

How to sell a million-dollar business A business broker could be your best bet by Alison Woo
On the FORTUNE Small Business Forum Mark, Westbury, N.Y. asked: What is the best way to sell a small business valued between $1 to $2 million? 
FSB replied:  A business broker can be your best ally in selling a business of that size, according to Carl Cusano, president of the N.Y. Association of Business Brokers and principal of Capital Business Advisors. “An experienced broker will have various resources, including affiliations, a large network and experience to sell your business,” said Cusano. “The best thing to do is find someone who can demonstrate a successful track record. Read the rest of the topic here: http://money.cnn.com/2008/02/14/smbusiness/sell_business.fsb/index.htm

Dream to Reality: How I Quit My Day Job by Tina Su
Ever since I learned about the concept of financial independence five years ago from Robert Kiyosaki, the seed of a dream had been planted. My dream: Having the freedom to deliberately choose how I spend every day – to have complete freedom of time. As of last week, my dream became a reality. I left my job at Amazon to start this new life chapter…. Read the rest of the article here: http://thinksimplenow.com/happiness/dream-to-reality-how-i-quit-my-day-job/

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It’s Sunday and I thought it would be nice to start our first Wealth Carnival at Grow a Million Dollar Business!

I was surfing the net for some great content and found several articles to share.  They are:

You Gotta Have Content on the Wealth Together Blog with Melodieanne Whitney

Conspiracies, Copywriting (and are you ‘Cool’ enough?)… on the Word Wealth Blog with Troy White

Money is the #1 Issue to Discuss Before Saying “I do” on the Wallet Pop Blog with Barbara Bartlein

Is the Media Making our Economy and Stock Market Look Worse? at Money Managers Live With Dave Young

Splurging Is Good for Your Health at the Wall Street Journal Blog

How they made it: Thinking in millions, Marc Boyan, multi millioniare interview by City Wealth Magazine

The Best Time to Pay Bills – On Time or Early? At Saving Advice with Shannon Christman

10 Things Your Bank Won’t Tell You on the Smart Money Blog with Jim Rendon

Is doing good compatible with making money? It is if you practise spiritual capitalism at Ode Magazine with Carlene Hawn


And finally, when you are finished reading this great wealth-building advice,  take this fun little QUIZ  What Type of Billionaire Are You?



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