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Several years ago I attended a Women’s Success Seminar.  There were several experts who spoke on a variety of topics including Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins and other well-known Gurus.

One of the sessions I enjoyed was with James Smith, consultant, real estate investing expert, and authority on using real estate to build wealth and security. Shortly after that session my husband and I purchased land which we later sold at a profit of more than 200% and reinvested in a house by the sea. 

Great fortunes can be amassed by building your investment portfolio with real estate ownership. Fortunes can also be lost.  You must know the finanical components real estate can provide you, such as tax benefits, monthly income, income from the sale of the property and more. With real estate you can make money even in a bad economy if you buy right and sell when the economy turns. 

With real estate the risks are often higher than other forms of investment and the rewards can also be greater. 

Several experts who spoke during the Grow a Million Dollar Business Summit spoke about investing in real estate as an option to increase your net worth.

Some of the tips they shared included looking for bargains and quality properties with exceptional features that will make selling the property easier. Call on for sale by owners in neighborhoods you’d like to invest in.  Don’t throw away money on repairs for poorly located property or in an area with a surplus of empty rental units.

If you buy run-down properties and plan to restore them for eventual selling, get estimates on the cost of remodeling them, consider what you can do yourself (such as painting and repairs) and what you will have to contract for. Because location is the most important factor in determining the “value” of a property, study neighborhoods for access to public transportation, shopping and schools.

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