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Dear Prosperous Woman,

This can’t-miss event begins tomorrow…

It’s your chance to see what people really learn at Loral Langemeier’s Cash Machine Workshop…you know – that event where 100% of the attendees make money in just 3 days!

Loral is going to be broadcasting her event live from Newark, NJ on the internet via USTREAM. It all begins tomorrow, October 11th at 8:30 am Eastern. But in order to get all the details on where to go and how to watch, you’ve got to register below:

Click Here to Register Now

You’ll be able to talk directly with Loral and her team, as well as with the hundreds of people participating from around the world

It’s going to be magnificent – and I doubt there is going to be another chance to be a part of something like this…I mean, being able to see what happens at Loral’s Cash Machine Workshop without paying a cent…Loral must be insane to let this invaluable education be released to the world for FREE!.

Again, this one of a kind event begins tomorrow, October 11th at 8:30am Eastern.

Click Here for More Details and to Register

Oh, and if you CAN’T make it, you can still visit USTREAM via the details Loral provides you when you register and watch highlights 24 hours a day from October 11th – 13th.

Loral Langemeier Free Money Making Video

I can’t wait to partake in the excitement. See you there!


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Are you a business owner? Are you struggling to make ends meet? Is the economy hurting your industry and you?

Would you like to know how you can grow your business and change the tides on the economic slowdown we are experiencing?

You can!  When you attend the Grow a Million Dollar Business Virtual Summit taking place September 15, 18-20, & 23 2008. 

Loral Langemeier, Founder & CEO of Live out Loud will kick off our event on Monday, September 15, 2008 at 12 Noon (Eastern Standard Time).


About The Millionaire Maker:

Born and raised on a farm in Nebraska, Loral Langemeier did not start out in life with money or connections. Loral, a master coach and financial strategist, built her first business in high school, and by the time she was 34, she’d established a multi-million-dollar portfolio of properties, businesses, gas/oil and notes.

Recognized by her peers for her personal commitment to helping people create unimaginable success, and acknowledged by thousands of clients for the substance, insight and applicable value her programs provide, Loral Langemeier has emerged as one of the most successful business and motivational speakers to hit the lecture platform.

Thousands of people have already used Loral’s programs to achieve significant wealth – and hundreds have become millionaires in 3 – 5 years. Loral will talk about building a wealth team, how to work with a wealth coach and more.

In this session ~ Building, Leading & Protecting Your Business Loral will also share the 7-step process that will accelerate your business and position it as an asset in your wealth building plan that is outlined in her new book, Building, Leading & Protecting Your business. You will learn revenue modeling, sales marketing strategies, and tips to protect your business assets by the Millionaire Maker.  Loral will share her straightforward, strategic approach to creating wealth and generating cash through a virtuous cycle of assets and income”  and how can we use them to build financial freedom known as the  Wealth Cycle™ Process,  and much more!

Do you want to achieve business growth and peace of mind? Do you want to build your own EMPIRE locally or globally?

Some of the largest companies in the world today started as small one-person businesses in their home office, garage or the back room of another business. 

When you join us for the Grow a Million Dollar Business Summit you have the chance to meet and learn from some of the leading experts on wealth creation and management to get YOUR BUSINESS on the path to building a million-dollar enterprise. 

You can attend Loral’s session as well as 14 other wealth building experts when you register for “How to Grow a Million Dollar Business.”


Read about the Speakers, learn more about the Program Topics and REGISTER for the event.


Your investment for this 3+ day event is only $77 when you register before September 15th. (Save $20!).  After September 15th price will be $97. 


To see all the fabulous give-aways and to sign up, visit our registration page at https://wherewomenprosper.wordpress.com/register/.


Turn the tides on the slump in our economy by investing in your business.  Register for the Grow a Million Dollar Business Summit Today

Our Mission is to “Empower You to Achieve and Exceed Your Financial Goals”

Looking forward to seeing you there,


Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder ~ Where Women Prosper

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