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Christopher P. Ramey is president and founder of Affluent Insights and chairman of The Luxury Marketing Council Florida.   He consults daily with many of the finest luxury brands in the world. 

During the Grow a Million Dollar Business Summit, Chris shared dozens of ideas to tap into the affluent market. Here are just three tips:

1. One key influencer on the decision making process of the affluent is that it must tap into their emotions – often they purchase something based on an irrational desire to purchase just because they have to have it.

2. The affluent wants to feel special and unique. The key to success with the affluent market is to provide a personalized experience. Personalized products and services can help you reach that market and create loyal, long lasting companies.

3.  The affluent seek exclusivity: Exclusivity is a big hit with affluent, ‘limited editions’ and exclusive events appeal to them.  The affluent look for exclusive brands, the finest quaity and passionately pursue the best things in life.   

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