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Here are the questions and the ANSWERS to yesterday’s trivia game:

According to Merrill Lynch CapGemini World Wealth Report of 2007 – how many individuals around the globe are considered high net worth individuals? 10.1 million,

In US Dollars, what are the average assets held by high net worth individuals? Exceeded US$4 million

Richest man in the world? Warren Buffet

How much is he worth?  $62 Billion

How many years was Bill Gates richest man in the world and what is his net worth?  13 straight years – 58 billion dollars

Richest woman in the world? Liliane Bettencourt (ranked 17 in world)   $22.9 Billion

How did she get her fortune? Inherited from father – Founder of L’Oreal

Youngest self-made billionaire? According to Forbes, Facebook founder 23 year old Mark Zuckerberg – est. net worth $1.6

Richest country? According to CIA World Fact book and Wikipedia Luxembourg is with average of – $80,800 GDP per person. GDP per capita stands for the value an average person produces

Famous movie based on the law of attraction? THE SECRET
The people who starred in THE SECRET:

 Bob Proctor ~ Philosopher
 Joe Vitale ~ Metaphysician (as Dr. Joe Vitale MSC.D.)
 John Assaraf ~ Entrepreneur
 Loral Langemeier ~ Financial Strategist
 Marie Diamond ~ Feng Shui Consultant

 Michael Beckwith ~ Visionary (as Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith D.D.)

 Jack Canfield ~ Author
 Bob Doyle ~ Author
 Mike Dooley ~ Writer

 Lisa Nichols ~ Author

 Bill Harris ~ Therapist

 John Hagelin Quantum Physicist (as Dr. John Hagelin Ph.D A.B. M.A.)

 John Demartini ~ Philosopher (as Dr. John F. Demartini D.C. Bsc)

 Fred Alan Wolf ~ Quantum Physicist (as Fred Alan Wolf Ph.D.)
 Denis Waitley ~ Psychologist (as Dr. Denis Waitley Ph. D)

According to Boston Consulting Group ~ Highest concentration of millionaires in the world is the Middle East – aka Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Name 3 ways we can get rich – earn it, inherit it, steel it!

Who wrote Rich Day, Poor Dad? Guy Kyasaki

Author of Think and Grow Rich?  Napoleon Hill
Famous Island in Florida where the rich and famous live?  Star Island

Who was the host of the original show “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” – Robin Leach

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On Tuesday I had the opportunity to interview Kathleen Connell, PhD. 

About Dr. Connell:

Kathleen Connell was California State Controller from 1995-2003. She is currently President of the Connell Group, an investment advisory firm located in Washington, D.C. Dr. Connell, Ph.D, is the Director of the Corporate Directors Enterprise Program at the U.C Berkeley Haas Graduate School of Business and also teaches International Finance. Her weekly column MoneyWise, on personal finance and investments, appears in the Christian Science Monitor.  Among the topics she has addressed are: women’s investments, college financing, credit card debt, devaluation of the housing market, retirement shortfalls, and working beyond 70.

Dr. Connell has been an investment banker in New York and Los Angeles and served as a Trustee of CalPERS and CalSTRS for eight years, which together comprise the largest pool of retirement assets in the world. She was honored by Smart Money magazine as one of the 30 smartest people in investing and is also the author of Moving Up to Millions: The Life Calculator Guide to Wealth.
In this session Kathleen shared the 5 strategies to millionaire status,  the 4 rules of Financial Security, What the life calculator is and how we can use it in our own lives, and more.

You can learn more about Dr. Connell at LifeCalculator.net

If you’d like to know listen to Kathleen’s Interview and the other 16 experts we interviewed for the Grow a Million Dollar Business Summit, REGISTER and you will recieve all 17 audio files and our 84+ page workbook (and a few other goodies).

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Sandy Forster is the Founder of Wildly Wealthy Women and Author of How to Get Wildly Wealthy Fast.


Sandy was also our kickoff speaker for the Grow a Million Dollar Business Summit which continues next week.


She has a powerful and uplifting story; a true rags to riches story that really inspired our audience and I know will inspire you.


In her session, Sandy gave us many tips and tools we can use to change our lives from that of maybe struggling a bit (or a lot) to one of prosperity.


Here are 3 tips Sandy shared with our attendees:


Sandy talked about affirmations and how we can effectively use them to turn our minds around or open them to greater possibilities.  Here are her tips for using affirmations:


Instead of saying “I will be rich,” or “I will pay off my debts” be more present tense in your affirmations such as “I am now a debt-free millionaire.”  She said we need to have our affirmation ingrained in our mind and to do that, Sandy also recommends writing the affirmation down and in addition to reading it,  commit to saying it OUT LOUD several times a day for several days or weeks.  She suggested another powerful tool  ~ in addition to writing down our affirmations, record them in our own voice and listen to them many times throughout the days. 


During her session, Sandy also spoke about our obstacles to building wealth and living a life of success, how she built her network, how to stay balanced in the midst of it all, the multiple ways she earns a living, affording her the lifestyle she enjoyse today and so much more! She shared many examples and stories of her journey as well as other great examples of women she has worked with (don’t worry, no names were mentioned J).


You can find out more about Sandy at WildyWealthy.com and WildlyWealthyWomen.com.


If you’d like to hear Sandy’s interview and the other 14 interviews, be sure and go to our REGISTRATION PAGE. It is not too late to sign up. 

We still have 3 interviews to go and we have recorded each session. And you don’t have to attend to access these recordings. They are available today!


Over the next several days I will be posting 3 tips our speakers shared as well as give you an overview of some of the questions they answered and topics they covered. Stay Tuned!

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