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Annette Bau, CFP™ practitioner & founder MillionaireSeries.com shared The 7 Principles of Creating a Million Dollar Business AND Life.

For the past 20 plus years, Annette has been a financial and business advisor to hundreds of multi-millionaires.  During her Interview, Annette shared the results and insight of  research on how to create a life with significant wealth, excellent health, great relationships and peace of mind.

Annette spoke about how to develop a millionaire blueprint, make millionaire choices, manifesting yoru millionaire luck, avoiding millionaire pitfals and more. She also gave great advice on how to balance spending and saving ~ especially in today’s volatile market.  She talked about small business success and how anyone with the right tools and formula can achieve six and seven figure income goals.

Annette also talked about her Millionaire Series and how she has been able to create her own wealth with muultiple streams of income.

In case you missed any of the Grow a Million Dollar Business Summit, you can still get access to the audio programs (because we keep adding to the wealth audio library there are now almost 20 hours of content), the 100 page workbook, AND invitations to all post summit sessions including Marilyn Jenett (How to Attract Million Dollar Clients) , Rick Frishman (How to Get Million Dollar Publicity) and a few surprises! We have also created our Million Dollar Mastermind Group which all purchasers are able to participate in.

Just go over to GROW A MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS and grab your copy!  Within moments you will receive the links to download all of the above. Annette’s and the other 19 experts’ advice to small business owners can propel anyone to become any sized business!

And remember we have a 100% money back guarantee on this program. If you are not satisfied, we will return your investment!


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Nicola Cairncross, Europe’s leading Wealth Coach, shared the following tips during her session, “How to Grow a million Dollar Business with a Wealth Mentor:


  1. Be prepared ~ work virtually, be open to ideas and suggestions and advice
  2. Ask questions of your mentor ~ share your biggest challenges, your successes and any obstacles you are encountering
  3. Find mentors by asking your circle for suggestions, at meetings you attend, even online.


Nicola also shared here wealth creation blueprint, her top money-making and money-saving tips, the mistakes she sees people make in a mentor/mentee relationship, lots of resources and more!


If you missed Nicola’s session or any of our 15 EXPERTS, you can still REGISTER and get access to the audio programs (all 12+ hours), the 84 page workbook, all the bonuses mentioned AND invitations to all post-summit sessions including Marilyn Jenett (How to Attract Million Dollar Clients) , Rick Frishman (How to Get Million Dollar Publicity) and Kathleen Connell (Author of Moving Up to Millions) and a few surprises! 

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Andrea Nierenberg, bestselling author and founder of the Nierenberg Group shared dozens of tips, ideas, strategies and resources with our listeners during the Grow a Million Dollar Business Summit.

Andrea’s expert advice included what we should do to prepare BEFORE a networking event.  Here are 3 tips she shared:

Do your homework. Find out what the organization is about.  Who the members are. Who is going to be there. Introduce yourself to the organizer before the event and ask who she/he recommends you meet.

Set goals for the event. What outcome do you want to occure from attending?  Whom do you want to connect with, what resources can you share with the other attendees? ETC.

Practice your 30 second introduction for this audience. Make it more personal and geared toward what the other attendees might gain from meeting you. Work on your body language.  Share your story about why you do what you do, how you do it, who your ideal customer is, etc. In addition be ready with questions to ask those you meet to get to know them better. Be ready with resources and ideas that can help others.

Andrea also talked bout some of the best places to meet people, the attributes of million-dollar networkers, the elements of a good 30 second commercial, the best ways to introduce people and other networking etiquette, how to give and get referrals as well as stories of great networkers and what they did to become million dollar networkers. All this and more.

In case you missed Andrea’s session or any of our 15 EXPERTS, you can still REGISTER and get access to the audio programs (all 12+ hours), the 84 page workbook, all the bonuses mentioned AND invitations to all post summit sessions including Marilyn Jenett (How to Attract Million Dollar Clients) , Rick Frishman (How to Get Million Dollar Publicity) and Kathleen Connell (Author of Moving Up to Millions) and a few surprises! 

Just go to our REGISTRATION PAGE and sign up!  Within moments you will receive the links to download all of the above.

And remember we have a 100% money back guarantee on this program. If you are not satisfied, we will return your investment!

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Program Topics & Speakers

Here is the lineup of Star-Studded Speakers who want to help you reach (and even exceed) your financial goals: To read their bios click on their photos.

  Tom Antion, President of Great Internet Marketing ~ From Small Town Kid to Internet Multi-Millionaire

Tom Antion has legitimately made millions of dollars in the speaking business and more specifically selling products and services on the Internet. In this session, Tom will discuss how he went from From Small Town Kid to Internet Multi-Millionaire by leveraging the Internet to promote his Butt CAMPS, sell his resources and share his secrets to becoming one of the most sought-after professional speakers today.  He will share his Internet marketing skills that put him in the top 1% of speaker income in the world and he rarely leaves his house!

Tom will show you how to build true residual income where you don’t have to do ANY work once you set it up. You will learn how to open doors to incredible business opportunities, using his success and leadership principles. He will show you how you can choose the lifestyle you want, get rich and then do whatever you want with the money.

In this session Tom will also give you a glimpse into his new FUSION Event that takes place in GREAT Internet Marketing Retreat.  This is a session you don’t want to miss!

  Loral Langemeier, The Millionaire Maker ~ Building Leading & Protecting Your Business

Thousands of people have already used Loral’s programs to achieve significant wealth – and hundreds have become millionaires in 3 – 5 years. Loral will talk about building a wealth team, how to work with a wealth coach and more.

In this session, Loral will also share the 7-step process that will accelerate your business and position it as an asset in your wealth building plan that is outlined in her new book, Building, Leading & Protecting Your business. You will learn revenue modeling, sales marketing strategies, and tips to protect your business assets by the Millionaire Maker.  All this, and MORE!

 Andrea Nierenberg, President The Nierenberg Group ~ Million Dollar Networking: The Sure Way to Find, Grow and Keep Your BusinesHave you ever wondered how some people possess the type of skills that make them shine and stand out in a crowd? They are able to walk into a room, create a presence, make connections and persuade the client or prospect in a way like no other. What are the tactics and strategies of networking that cause the client or prospect to stand up and take note or to become engaged whether at a social function or business meeting?


In this session, the whole focus will be on the opportunity to deepen the share of the wallet by understanding and implementing the techniques of networking and how to connect, engage and interact with our clients and prospects to create and win more business in a positive relationship building way.

Andrea will share the “universal rules of effective networking,” highlights the types of people who can be helpful to you professionally, offers easy-to-follow steps for transforming your business connections, and explains the attributes of great networkers and how you can attain them.

  Nicola Cairncross, President – The Money Gym ~ How to GROW a Million Dollar Business with a Wealth Mentor

In this session you will learn Nicola’s Wealth building secrets to make money even if all you want is just to be a little bit more comfortable.  Nicola will show you how to get out of bad debt and into some good debt and the difference between the two. Nicola will give you an overview of the Four Lanes of the Wealth Highway, her top money-making/money-saving tips and what is expected (from both sides) when working with a wealth Mentor.

You will discover new ways to save money, make money and keep your money as well as the reasons most people don’t!

  Annie Jennings of Annie Jennings PR ~ The Mindset, Making & Marketing Of The Million Dollar Expert

Do You Want To Become A Top National Expert? Are you interested in the Top National Radio Campaigns? Million Dollar Experts have done radio, TV, and print at the local and/or national level.  Million Dollar Experts are everywhere at all times.  They know the news from last month, last week, yesterday and today and understand where the conversation about the topic has been and where it is headed.  The can anticipate tomorrow’s news.

Million Dollar Experts have the same in depth knowledge about their topics but also understand how their knowledge relates to current events.  They understand the social relevancy and how to apply their knowledge, experience and education to the topic under discussion. Million Dollar Experts have style, pizzazz, and stand out from the crowd (in a good way).  They look like high profile HOSTS themselves, they have invested in their clothes, hair style, make up for TV and just look like a million bucks.

Learn how to Create High-Powered Expert Status For Yourself & Get Maximum Exposure For Your Business & Message ~ Build A Mega-Platform With Major TV, Print & Magazine Placements. Annie Jennings will show you how in this fast-paced information packed session!

  Heather Juma of Wealth, Success and Women ~ How to Become a Millionaire Diva: Helping Women Create Riches in all Aspects of Their Lives

In this session Heather will share strategies, tips and resources of other millionaire divas and how they got there. You will discover how you can create a six-figure income and live a millionaire lifestyle of your own. Heather will share the steps necessary to become a Millionaire Diva, what you need to do each and every day to achieve your goals and live your dream.

Heather will help you: Identify What Holds You Back and Overcome It Forever; Develop a Wealth Consciousness That Will Attract All You Desire; Create and Launch Your Millionaire Lifestyle Business & Life Plan.  This program is for you if you are seriously committed to developing and implementing a step by step by plan to achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams.

  Elizabeth Gordon, Author of The Chic Entrepreneur ~ How to Grow a Million Dollar Business, The Chic Entrepreneur Way

In this session, Elizabeth will define the Chic Entrepreneur and how being one can take yours from an average business to a wildly successful enterprise. She will talk about how you create a flourishing business, even in a down economy, how to create a company culture that optimizes employee performance and loyalty, Design systematic processes for ease and consistency, tips to make your website Chic, and Make your business support your desired lifestyle.

All this and MORE!

  Joyce Bone, Founder of Millionaire Moms ~ How Millionaire Moms Achieved Financial Independence ~ and You Can Too!

Joyce lives by the principle “Model someone who’s already reached the goal you want to achieve.”  This principle and her own drive and determination helped her to grow her own business from zero to $50 million in revenue. She turned $10,000 into $1.5 million in 18 months!  Joyce will share her secrets and stories of other Millionaire Moms who started with NOTHING And now make more in a month than most people make all year. These are not famous women, they are people like YOU who started from scratch, made the right moves, and are now living the Millionaire Moms Lifestyle!  Average Jane’s” who started their business out of sheer need to provide for their children-while raising them at the same time! 

Learn How They Did it…and you can too!

 Melanie Benson Strick, Million Dollar Lifestyle Business Coach ~ How to Build a 6- and 7 Figure Business Using the Power of Virtual Teams

This session has been designed to help entrepreneurs discover the cost of trying to do it all alone and how to tap into the fastest revenue growth strategy in small business today. Melanie will help you take the mystery out of building a team, learn how to pay for it, and become crystal-clear on real-life six and seven figure business strategies and tools.

 Chris Ramey President, Affluent Insights ~ How to Market to the Affluent

Who are the affluent? How and why do they buy?  When making buying decisions, what do the affluent look for (and avoid) in a company? What is their risk tolerance? What else should you consider when marketing to the super-affluent?  How do they respond to advertising ~ what type of promotions will and won’t work with them?  Chris will answer these and other questions including  how to create a loyal following of affluent clients and customers, how to position your company in front of wealthy clients while convincing them you are the individual or company they should hire.

In this session you will learn the current value of the market for luxury goods and projected growth each year, how much time the affluent spend online, what they search for as well as insider secrets to finding affluent clients, how and why the affluent choose who they do business with… and more.

  Nicki Keohohou, CEO – Direct Selling Women’s Alliance ~ How to Grow a Million Dollar Direct Sales Organization

More people looking for careers that offer independence, flexibility, and tremendous income potential.  They are looking for Residual Income – income that you receive, month after month, due to a one-time effort. They are looking to build income from the production of everyone in their WHOLE organization. When everyone in your own personal organization (your team) duplicates what you do, then everyone has the same amount to gain.  It’s a win-win situation.

In this session you will learn the difference between types of direct selling models including network marketing, party planning and person to person selling. You will learn how to start your direct selling business, the art of selling yourself and your product, how to effectively coach your team to success, the true “linchpins” of growth and long-term sales stability.

Nicki will share real-life insights from some of the most successful and talented people in the direct selling business for the new entrepreneur and veteran business owner.  If you are looking at the direct selling model for part-time work, extra income, and the autonomy it offers, this session is a MUST ATTEND. 

  Marilyn Jenett of Feel Free to Prosper ~  How I Attract Million Dollar Clients Using Prosperity Principles – and You Can Too!  Get ready for an unexpected twist…

This one-of-a-kind prosperity mentor and accomplished business woman is going to share with you how her small one-woman business has attracted the world’s million and billion dollar corporations as clients for over 20 years – without marketing, advertising, networking or cold calling.

She never looked for clients – they spontaneously arrived as the result of applying the Universal laws and prosperity principles Marilyn now teaches in her Feel Free to Prosper program.

In this eye-opening session, Marilyn will share prosperity laws that can be applied to every type of business, to all clients at every financial level, and to all aspects of your business.

But you’ll be even more surprised when she explains and gives examples of how so many small businesses can offer their services to large corporate clients. It’s much more cost effective for corporations to outsource to small independent businesses for specialty services rather than have to maintain in-house staff.

Creating the right foundation – the right mindset – is the first step to attract these clients, but it’s easily within reach once you understand the prosperity laws.

Marilyn will share examples from her fascinating memoir of how she applied these laws and either spontaneously attracted or was intuitively guided to take the right actions that manifested large corporate clients for her.  In the past few months, despite the economic climate and without effort, she attracted and booked events for Nike, Reunion.com and other huge corporate clients – even though she had given up her events business two years ago to devote herself to prosperity teaching!

  Maria Marsala  of Elevating Your Business ~  How to Grow a Million Dollar Business With a Mastermind Team

What’s a Mastermind? Formally introduced in “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, he wrote about the Mastermind Principle as “the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.” Many great fortunes – like those created by Henry Ford and Dale Carnegie – have been earned by harnessing the power of mastermind groups. Why Attend? To learn how you can Tap Into the Power of a Group for Limitless Ideas & Affordable Expert Advice.

When you run a business by yourself it’s easy to feel isolated, wanting to connect confidentially with your peers.  OR maybe you’re having a difficult time keeping your self motivated on the marketing and administration part of business.  If your sales aren’t where you want to them to be, if you know you need a raise, if you’re tired of feeling isolated, attend a mastermind meeting. If you’re a business owners with “a million dollar attitude” and big goals and you’re really serious about taking action and executing what you’re learning quickly, this session is an absolute must attend. 

  Annette Bau, CFP™ practitioner & founder MillionaireSeries.com ~ The 7 Principles of Creating a Million Dollar Business AND Life 

For the past 20 plus years, Annette has been a financial and business advisor to hundreds of multi-millionaires.  This experience gave her personal access to affluent clients and allowed her to identify the secrets to a successful millionaire life. She also has interviewed hundreds of millionaires and is the host of, “Defining Millionaire Moments: How one choice can change your life forever” where she interviews a different multi-millionaire every month.

In this session, you will learn the results and insight of Annette’s research on how to create a life with significant wealth, excellent health, great relationships and peace of mind which are published in her eBook ”The 7 Principles of Becoming a Millionaire for Life:  Powerful lessons to create wealth, health and happiness.” This is a must attend session for anyone desiring to learn the secrets to a great millionaire business or life.

  Sandy Forster, International speaker, Millionaire Mindset Mentor and Bestselling Author ~ How to Get Wildy Wealthy FAST!

When her income went from $15,000 a year to over $150,000 within 12 months Sandy thought her money worries were over. But lack of money skills and the right mindset to keep that wealth, meant she once again lost everything. This led to avid research on the subject of money, prosperity and abundance and how to make it flow, grow and multiply. Sandy has since gone from $100,000 in debt to being a Wildly Wealthy Woman, by discovering and applying the secrets of attracting wealth through the power of the subconscious mind and utilising the power of the internet to connect with people from over 88 countries around the world to build her various businesses.

From her days as a sole parent struggling to raise 2 young children, she has experienced a complete turnaround with many successes including creating over $1.5 million dollars in less than a year.  Her success captured the attention of Australian Film Producer Rhonda Byrne who then selected Sandy as the only female Australian to be filmed for the world wide phenomenon The Secret. Sandy is recognised as one of the top 50 motivators and prosperity experts in the world. She is also International bestselling author of How to Be Wildly Wealthy.   You can find out more about Sandy at www.WildyWealthy.com and www.WildlyWealthyWoman.com

In this session, Sandy will share her rags to riches story and the principles she has learned about creating a life filled with richness, abundance, prosperity and happiness in an easy to understand, empowering and extremely fun way. Sandy will share with you how she has taken what was her biggest challenge and turned it into a vision of possibility for millions of people around the world.  As Sandy has done with countless others, she will inspire, empower and encourage you to create more than you ever thought possible.

Sheri McConnell, CEO of Sheri McConnell Companies, Inc. ~ Why Creating a Membership Based-Business Is So Smart – The Millionaire’s Business Model

Becoming the center of influence in your chosen niche is an excellent way to build your brand as the expert of choice. An underutilized strategy by many leaders in professional services is establishing your own membership-based business. Find out why the membership-based business model is a smart way to generate more profits and position yourself as the expert in your industry almost immediately.

You will learn:
• The many benefits of the membership-based business model including free publicity, immediate platform, and more
• How to leverage your position as a gatekeeper
• Core elements to consider before creating your own membership-based company
• Key roles as the leader
• How to select your team of professional experts
• What systems you need to implement to run a profitable membership-based company

SPECIAL BONUS: Free copy of Smart Women Create Membership-Based Businesses will be mailed to all participants on live call! www.smartwomenbook.com


If you want to feel Empowered, Inspired and Enlightened, join us September 18-20, 2008!

Click on the links below to See our Schedule at a Glance, read the Experts’ Bios and REGISTER for the event.



Schedule at a Glance



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Continuing the conversation started yesterday, I wanted to also share 3 tips Loral Langemeier shared with everyone during her interview last Tuesday. 


  Loral had so much great content, I am not sure where to begin!  She talked about how she started building her own personal wealth portfolio, What a Cash Machine is and how we get one (or several), she spoke about the importance of financial coaching to build wealth and cut our own “learning curves,” she shared the Wealth Cycle™ process, and spoke about how to use it to build financial freedom, the millionaire mindset, the 7 step process to accelerate your business and position it as an asset in your wealth building plan and so much more. Including great stories of her successes (and yes, some failure) how she got invited to be on the Dr. Phil show and do Money Makeovers (first show aired on Monday, September 15) and so much more. 


If you want to position your company as an asset, here are the 3 tips Loral shared:


Do what you already know how to do and turn it into an entrepreneurial venture (she gave specific examples)

Find a model company already doing what you want to do and use that as your “blueprint for success” – don’t copy what they are doing, but learn from them.

Develop a marketing plan and ALWAYS be MARKETING


Loral also shared some great tools she offers including her Debt Elimination Worksheet and her Wealth cycle investing worksheet which you can find at LiveOutLoud.com.


You can find out more about Loral at LiveOutLoud.com



If you’d like to hear Loral’s interview and the other 14 interviews, be sure and go to our REGISTRATION PAGE. It is not too late to sign up.   There are three more interviews to come and we have recorded each session. And you don’t have to attend to access these recordings. They are available today!



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Thank you to everyone who attended today’s sessions with Joyce Bone, Elizabeth Gordon, Nicki Keohohou and Andrea Nierenberg. They were fantastic!

And then Tom Antion came on the call!  First of all let me say that Tom is one of the most gracious and understanding  guests!  And due to technical difficulties we were unable to complete his interview.  That’s the BAD news.  The Good news is that Tom has agreed to reschdedule his session. So if you have signed up to hear Tom, you will still get the opportunity.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime I did want to tell you about Tom’s new program “FUSION.” 

FUSION is a  three-day spectacular mixture of Internet Marketing, Professional Speaking and Success Principles that took a small town kid and made him a multi-millionaire

But instead of me telling you about this great event, you are invited to check it out for yourself at http://tinyurl.com/4yx255.

Be sure to also check out the schedule at a glance for tomorrow’s sessions.

There’s still time to REGISTER and attend and receive copies of the audio files you missed!

And we also have a fun Networking event that takes place online tomorrow.  Lot’s of prizes.  Lots of fun.  If you like meeting new people and “playing games” this event is a MUST attend. Remember to BYOB (bring your own beverage), your sense of humor and of course your 30-second commercial.

Until tomorrow…

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Yes, folks that’s right!

Loral Langemeier’s interview has been rescheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday September 16 at 8 PM (EST) time.

She will be taping the Dr. Phil Show this morning and asked us to change her interview so she can be ours exclusively!  I am very excited and looking forward to sharing her expertise with you.

And that’s not all, we have added two new guests to our roster.  I will share more about them in an upcoming post.

BTW, If you have already registered, then you should have received the updated notice. If you have not yet done so, there’s still time to register and participate in this groundbreaking interview. Loral’s session is not to be missed.

Go here to REGISTER: https://wherewomenprosper.wordpress.com/register/

Looking forward to welcoming you,


Ps. To read about our lineup of experts and program topics, go to https://wherewomenprosper.wordpress.com/speakers/grow-a-million-dollar-business-speakers/

To see our updated schedule at a glance, go to https://wherewomenprosper.wordpress.com/programs/grow-a-million-dollar-business-program/

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