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During the Grow a Million Dollar Business Summit Networking reception, we played a Money Game.  Everyone who attended was invited to participate by answering the following questions:

According to Merrill Lynch CapGemini World Wealth Report of 2007 – how many individuals around the globe are considered high net worth individuals?

In US Dollars, what are the average assets held by high net worth individuals?
Richest man in the world?
How much is he worth?
How many years was Bill Gates richest man in the world and what is his net worth? 

Richest woman in the world?  And how did she get her fortune?
Youngest self-made billionaire?

Richest country?
Famous movie based on the law of attraction?

Name 2 people who starred in it?
According to Boston Consulting Group where is the highest concentration of millionaires in the world?

Name 3 ways we can get rich

Who wrote Rich Day, Poor Dad?

Think and Grow Rich? 

Famous Island in Florida where the rich and famous live?

Who was the Host of the show “Rich and Famous?”

If you attended the reception and answered any of these questions correctly, you would have received one of several great prizes, including books, audio programs, chocolates and more.

Feel free to leave your comments and answers below. And stay tuned for the answers to these questions in tomorrow’s post.  Who knows, we may just pick a few of you to send one of those prizes to!

In case you missed any of the Grow a Million Dollar Business Summit, you can still sign up and get access to the audio programs (because we keep adding to the wealth audio library there are now almost 20 hours of content), the 84+ page workbook, all the bonuses mentioned AND invitations to all post summit sessions including Marilyn Jenett (How to Attract Million Dollar Clients) , Rick Frishman (How to Get Million Dollar Publicity)  and a few surprises!

Just go to our REGISTRATION PAGE and sign up!  Within moments you will receive the links to download all of the above.

And remember we have a 100% money back guarantee on this program. If you are not satisfied, we will return your investment!


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On Wednesday, October 1st at 10:30 EST. I will be interviewing Kathleen Connell, Author of Moving Up to Millions.

About Kathleen: Kathleen Connell was California State Controller from 1995-2003. She is currently President of the Connell Group, an investment advisory firm located in Washington, D.C. Dr. Connell, Ph.D, has been an investment banker in New York and Los Angeles and served as a Trustee of CalPERS and CalSTRS for eight years, which together comprise the largest pool of retirement assets in the world. She teaches International Business and Corporate Governance at the U.C Berkeley Haas Graduate School of Business and was recently honored by Smart Money magazine as one of the 30 smartest people in investing.  She is also the author of Moving Up to Millions: The Life Calculator Guide to Millions. You can learn more about Kathleen at LifeCalculator.net


In this session Kathleen will share the 5 Strategies to Millionaire Status, the 4 Rules of Financial Security, What the life Calculator is and how we can use it in our own lives, and more.

If you have already signed up as a participant in the Grow a Million Dollar Business Event, you will receive an invitation to this event, separately. If not, and you’d like to hear Kathleen’s story and her advice, you can still REGISTER and take advantage of this and the other 15 sessions as well as other invitation only events we may host in conjuntion with grow.

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Did you Miss Tom Antion’s Seminar (From Small Town Kid to Internet Multi-Millionaire) today at the “How to Grow a Million Dollar Business Summit?” 

If you did, you can still register and get his recording (and listen to all 15 experts who shared their top tips for Growing a Million Dollar Business and Life). 

Tom shared dozens of great ideas to make money on the Internet.  Just in case you did miss Tom today, here are some of the tips he shared with the audience during the hour+ seminar:

♦ To get great rankings for your website, create short videos and then post them on all the major Video hosting sites.  He also gave a great resource that does this for you. All you do is post it ONE TIME and then it auto-magically gets posted to the other 39+ sites.

♦ Joint Venture with others with larger lists than you. Especially if you are just starting out or if you don’t have a list.   JV partnerships are great win-wins for both parties as long as there’s a reason for the list-owner to promote your stuff.  Such as a good commission.  Find complimentary list owners and approach them about your ideas. I have done this with several authors offering ebooks I have written as Bonuses and have grown my own list literally by thousands in the process. The list can then be used to market other products the audience likely has an interest in.

♦ Have a presence on all the major social networking sites.  This helps with SEO and gets people to know you.  Tom also suggests you hire someone at an hourly rate to do this for you.  You could spend hours upon hours doing it yourself so you have to ask yourself what its worth to delegate this to someone else. Hire a high school student who knows their way around the ‘net to post your bio, pictures, audio and video to these sites and watch your visits increase dramatically.

♦ And what I consider the most important tip of the day: Get good training from someone who’s doing what you want to do. In this case, Tom Antion who is making thousands of dollars a month sitting on his BUTT, month after month after month.  And in fact, you can get that training when you attend Tom’s newest event FUSION.  Fusion is A three-day spectacular mixture of Internet Marketing, Professional Speaking and Success Principles that took a small town kid and made him a multi-millionaire



Tom has brought together the best of the best to share their expertise with you.  People like James Malinchak, Jeff Herring, Brendon Burchard, and more. By the way, just for checking out the site, you get instant access to 5 high-content preview calls. I listened to Alex Mandossian and Tom the other day and for more than an hour they shared resource upon resource with the audience.  You can access them here: http://tinyurl.com/4yx255.

Tom says, “Not only will you get my 30 years of business experience, I’ll be bringing in some of the best-of-the-best presenters to give you additional mini sessions on very specific topics. These are people I personally know and trust so you can be sure you won’t get a bunch of worthless information that doesn’t work in the real world.”

What I love about Tom is that he teaches people like me (interested in marketing and the internet but not in how to be a programmer – no Geek speak here) how to maximize our presence on the WEB to make MONEY – lots of it.  He has taught me more in the few hours I have listened to Tom, and his high content programs than in the 5 + years I have been studying the Internet.   I have learned that there really isn’t such a thing as “get rich quick” when it comes to making money online. In fact, if anyone tells you there is, I suggest you run away from that person as fast as you can!  Because otherwise you will probably dump hundreds, if not thousands of dollars down the drain on programs that promise you the moon and don’t even deliver moonpies!


Tom doesn’t teach you how to “get rich quick.” He does however teach you how to “Get Very Rich Over time.”  What better time than now to start making REAL Money on the Internet? Start now by checking out Tom’s FUSION Event.  It is such a great value for the money, if there is any way you can attend, go for it!


Maybe I’ll see you there.


Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder, Where Women Prosper

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Continuing the conversation started yesterday, I wanted to also share 3 tips Loral Langemeier shared with everyone during her interview last Tuesday. 


  Loral had so much great content, I am not sure where to begin!  She talked about how she started building her own personal wealth portfolio, What a Cash Machine is and how we get one (or several), she spoke about the importance of financial coaching to build wealth and cut our own “learning curves,” she shared the Wealth Cycle™ process, and spoke about how to use it to build financial freedom, the millionaire mindset, the 7 step process to accelerate your business and position it as an asset in your wealth building plan and so much more. Including great stories of her successes (and yes, some failure) how she got invited to be on the Dr. Phil show and do Money Makeovers (first show aired on Monday, September 15) and so much more. 


If you want to position your company as an asset, here are the 3 tips Loral shared:


Do what you already know how to do and turn it into an entrepreneurial venture (she gave specific examples)

Find a model company already doing what you want to do and use that as your “blueprint for success” – don’t copy what they are doing, but learn from them.

Develop a marketing plan and ALWAYS be MARKETING


Loral also shared some great tools she offers including her Debt Elimination Worksheet and her Wealth cycle investing worksheet which you can find at LiveOutLoud.com.


You can find out more about Loral at LiveOutLoud.com



If you’d like to hear Loral’s interview and the other 14 interviews, be sure and go to our REGISTRATION PAGE. It is not too late to sign up.   There are three more interviews to come and we have recorded each session. And you don’t have to attend to access these recordings. They are available today!



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Yesterday began the journey of “how to Grow a Million Dollar Business” beginning with 2 exceptional women talking about how they became wealthy and inspiring our listeners that we too can do it!

In fact, when I got to the office today, the following email was in my inbox and it only confirmed what I believe to be totally true. This summit will change lives!  Now I don’t believe in hype and all the bs. internet marketers tell their readers because much of it is exaggerated. But after listening to my very first guest I had an epiphany and now totally know what I need to do to move my own businesses forward exponentially.

And then I recieved this email and it confirmed it:


I just had to drop you a note to tell you that I am so excited about this conference.  Yesterday, listening to Sandy and Loral refreshed my desires to be bigger and better. I have been going through a “slump” and needed that clarification.

The Workbook is a great instrument and could be a “book of knowledge” after this is over.  HOW DID YOU DO ALL THIS?  I hope you had a lot of elves or VA’s helping.

Also, when you start your training sessions, I am definitely on board, I need to learn about websites, etc.  You do have a lot of knowledge and one day I hope to meet you on a

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much for putting this conference together, I don’t know how you did it as it was definitely a big project, and I am looking forward to the rest of it.  Will you have these recordings available for us to download?


Jean Feulner

So, if you have been sitting on the fence trying to decide to attend, there is still time!  We still have 14 experts to interview and the 80+ page workbook can be yours too. AND even if you missed yesterday’s sessions, you will still have access to the audio files when you register.

In fact, I have extended the $20 discount through today just to make your decision easier. And did you know we have a 100% money back guarantee? If for any reason you don’t feel the information is worthy of your time, you can get a full refund. 

I have hosted dozens of events and summits over the past 4 years and in that time have only had one person request a refund. It was because she didn’t know it was a VIRTUAL event (that means we are doing this by teleconference bridge line).  We understood.

To take advantage of the $20 discount go to our registration page.

I look forward to welcoming you to tomorrows sessions. And if by chance you cannot make most or all of the event, you will still receive all the bonuses mentioned, full access to the audio files and all the extras our guest experts are giving away (so far 5 of our experts have offered additional learning tools free to all attendees).

Click here to REGISTER.

Go here to see our Schedule at a Glance:

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Are you a business owner? Are you struggling to make ends meet? Is the economy hurting your industry and you?

Would you like to know how you can grow your business and change the tides on the economic slowdown we are experiencing?

You can!  When you attend the Grow a Million Dollar Business Virtual Summit taking place September 15, 18-20, & 23 2008. 

Loral Langemeier, Founder & CEO of Live out Loud will kick off our event on Monday, September 15, 2008 at 12 Noon (Eastern Standard Time).


About The Millionaire Maker:

Born and raised on a farm in Nebraska, Loral Langemeier did not start out in life with money or connections. Loral, a master coach and financial strategist, built her first business in high school, and by the time she was 34, she’d established a multi-million-dollar portfolio of properties, businesses, gas/oil and notes.

Recognized by her peers for her personal commitment to helping people create unimaginable success, and acknowledged by thousands of clients for the substance, insight and applicable value her programs provide, Loral Langemeier has emerged as one of the most successful business and motivational speakers to hit the lecture platform.

Thousands of people have already used Loral’s programs to achieve significant wealth – and hundreds have become millionaires in 3 – 5 years. Loral will talk about building a wealth team, how to work with a wealth coach and more.

In this session ~ Building, Leading & Protecting Your Business Loral will also share the 7-step process that will accelerate your business and position it as an asset in your wealth building plan that is outlined in her new book, Building, Leading & Protecting Your business. You will learn revenue modeling, sales marketing strategies, and tips to protect your business assets by the Millionaire Maker.  Loral will share her straightforward, strategic approach to creating wealth and generating cash through a virtuous cycle of assets and income”  and how can we use them to build financial freedom known as the  Wealth Cycle™ Process,  and much more!

Do you want to achieve business growth and peace of mind? Do you want to build your own EMPIRE locally or globally?

Some of the largest companies in the world today started as small one-person businesses in their home office, garage or the back room of another business. 

When you join us for the Grow a Million Dollar Business Summit you have the chance to meet and learn from some of the leading experts on wealth creation and management to get YOUR BUSINESS on the path to building a million-dollar enterprise. 

You can attend Loral’s session as well as 14 other wealth building experts when you register for “How to Grow a Million Dollar Business.”


Read about the Speakers, learn more about the Program Topics and REGISTER for the event.


Your investment for this 3+ day event is only $77 when you register before September 15th. (Save $20!).  After September 15th price will be $97. 


To see all the fabulous give-aways and to sign up, visit our registration page at https://wherewomenprosper.wordpress.com/register/.


Turn the tides on the slump in our economy by investing in your business.  Register for the Grow a Million Dollar Business Summit Today

Our Mission is to “Empower You to Achieve and Exceed Your Financial Goals”

Looking forward to seeing you there,


Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder ~ Where Women Prosper

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Knowing When to Charge More and to Charge Less By Marilyn Jenett

   More And More

It was notable that when I started my special events business two decades ago, I came up with a certain “minimum” profit I wanted to make. Within a very short time I didn’t feel that profit was enough and I gingerly started to charge more. Then more. I kept stretching and kept raising my profit requirement.
NOW THIS IS THE MOST INTERESTING PART: The more I raised my prices, the more I attracted higher paying clients. Each step forward helped me release the fear that I couldn’t get more (or that maybe I wasn’t worth more).

The caliber of client I attracted was directly related to the amount of profit I required for myself. The more I claimed for myself, the more the Universe brought to me the clients who had the ability to pay and to accommodate my elevated prosperity consciousness. And the more I continued applying the prosperity principles, the more I claimed for myself.

Over time I completely eliminated the type of events that required much more work for much less money. I realize now that I was creating that “vacuum” for new, higher paying clients to arrive. And they kept arriving. And new circumstances opened up to attract them.

The Universe will find a way to bring us the rewards that we claim for ourselves. But we must claim it – boldly – and know we deserve it. When we release the fear and doubt, the Universe will rush to support us.
We must make a decision. We are operating from integrity, we have a viable and valuable product or service to offer, there are plenty of clients or customers who will benefit from what we have to offer, and we deserve to be rewarded appropriately.
When Less Is More…
Okay, let’s say you have reached a point where you know that you deserve to be rewarded fairly for your efforts and you charge accordingly. But there are certain times, if you let your intuition guide you, when you may feel prompted to give your services for much less than your usual value. At those times you are “tuned in” and you may not know why you feel it is the right decision, but you just know and feel that it is. You don’t think twice about it. These are times when you are being guided by an unseen hand – your higher self is directing you because there is more to the story than meets the eye.

A client, Michelin North America, was referred to me years back, for a relatively small event. They were showcasing their new “designer” tires to the local auto industry with a reception at our city’s automotive museum. They had invited only a few special guests, had already booked the museum so there was no profit for me there, and in short, there was a rather meager budget. The corporation, located in South Carolina (I’m in Los Angeles), didn’t participate in conventions here, so there didn’t seem to be much prospect for future business from them.

But my inner voice said “Do it!” I coordinated the small event and gave it my best, the client expressed appreciation and that was that.

A couple of months later I heard from the client again…they were planning to fly 250 of their best dealers from the East Coast to Los Angeles to celebrate New Year’s Eve in grand style at the auto museum and to attend the Rose Parade, in which Michelin had a float. The celebration was commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Bibendum, the Michelin Man.

That New Year’s Eve gala was a six-figure billing from my company, Marilyn Jenett Locations. And “Bib” was a big hit at his birthday party and on his float in the parade.

In the years following that event I coordinated two other events here in Los Angeles for Michelin, including a huge media event that showcased 90 environmental cars, for which Édouard Michelin himself flew in from France. This is especially notable in that the event took place in October 2001, a month after 9/11!
It was generally known that following 9/11, the world turned upside down and special events were cancelled far and wide. People were not flying. Anthrax was major news. The hospitality and events industries were impacted greatly.

But the Michelin event I coordinated above, which was actually a part of a three-day itinerary in three cities, went on as planned.

When we boldly claim our good, all of the forces of the Universe will come into play to fulfill our expectations, sometimes in the disguise of “little packages.”  When you listen to that inner voice…it will tell you when the little packages contain diamonds.

© Copyright 2008 Marilyn Jenett, Feel Free to Prosper ~ All rights reserved

Marilyn Jenett of Feel Free to Prosper ~  How I Attract Million Dollar Clients Using Prosperity Principles – and You Can Too! will be interviewed on Friday, September 19, 2008 at 2 PM (EST).  Sign up today and save $20!

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