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During the Grow a Million Dollar Business Summit Networking reception, we played a Money Game.  Everyone who attended was invited to participate by answering the following questions:

According to Merrill Lynch CapGemini World Wealth Report of 2007 – how many individuals around the globe are considered high net worth individuals?

In US Dollars, what are the average assets held by high net worth individuals?
Richest man in the world?
How much is he worth?
How many years was Bill Gates richest man in the world and what is his net worth? 

Richest woman in the world?  And how did she get her fortune?
Youngest self-made billionaire?

Richest country?
Famous movie based on the law of attraction?

Name 2 people who starred in it?
According to Boston Consulting Group where is the highest concentration of millionaires in the world?

Name 3 ways we can get rich

Who wrote Rich Day, Poor Dad?

Think and Grow Rich? 

Famous Island in Florida where the rich and famous live?

Who was the Host of the show “Rich and Famous?”

If you attended the reception and answered any of these questions correctly, you would have received one of several great prizes, including books, audio programs, chocolates and more.

Feel free to leave your comments and answers below. And stay tuned for the answers to these questions in tomorrow’s post.  Who knows, we may just pick a few of you to send one of those prizes to!

In case you missed any of the Grow a Million Dollar Business Summit, you can still sign up and get access to the audio programs (because we keep adding to the wealth audio library there are now almost 20 hours of content), the 84+ page workbook, all the bonuses mentioned AND invitations to all post summit sessions including Marilyn Jenett (How to Attract Million Dollar Clients) , Rick Frishman (How to Get Million Dollar Publicity)  and a few surprises!

Just go to our REGISTRATION PAGE and sign up!  Within moments you will receive the links to download all of the above.

And remember we have a 100% money back guarantee on this program. If you are not satisfied, we will return your investment!


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